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Dingman Falls in Pennsyvania

Welcome to Pennsylvania

The sweeping landscape of Pennsylvania is made of rolling hills, ridges, rocks, caves, and sinkholes. Its diverse landscape includes the vast Atlantic Coastal Plain, part of the Appalachian Mountain Range, and some of the great Appalachian Plateaus. This state is home to a large variety of wildlife, including bears, foxes, deer, falcons, and reptiles. 

With an abundance of natural features and wildlife, keeping this state clean from pollution is important. To that end, investing in conservation efforts and creating more renewable energy options is important. Establishing clean water sources, taking action to improve regional climate, and slowing global warming are top priorities

To assist in these efforts, Pennsylvania energy supplier Spring Power & Gas offers environmentally focused electricity and gas services. We also partner with environmental nonprofits, big and small. 

How Our Service Helps the Environment

By choosing Spring Power & Gas, a leading Pennsylvania electricity provider, you’ll be taking environmentally conscious steps toward a brighter, cleaner, and happier future. This is done through our energy plans and partnerships with various nonprofit organizations.

Spring Power & Gas has environmentally conscious energy plans, including matching natural gas with carbon offsets and matching electricity with renewable energy certificates.

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Using RECS and Carbon Offsets

Renewable energy certificates (RECs) are a way to keep track of renewable energy created but not used by the creator. Unused energy goes back to the grid, where it gets directed elsewhere. 

When this happens, the renewable energy provider gets paid for that energy.

Spring Power & Gas uses RECs to match MWh (unit used to measure usage volume) of renewable energy for every hour of energy our customers use. By matching energy usage, we’re encouraging more use of renewable energy. 

Carbon offsets are similar to RECs, but they’re used differently. Carbon offsets are created to offset carbon emissions. Since gas releases carbon, Spring Power & Gas invests in various programs that help reduce carbon emissions through carbon offsets. 

It’s essentially a way to neutralize personal carbon emissions.

Learn more about RECs and carbon offsets on our renewable energy FAQ page.

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Our Environment-Friendly Plans

As mentioned before, all our plans use RECs and carbon offsets to match up to 100% of energy use. We have a few plan options to choose from:

  • Spring Green 50 or 100: This electricity plan matches 50 or 100% of your usage with RECs, depending on the plan you choose.
  • Zero Gas 50 or 100: This gas plan matches 50 or 100% of your usage with carbon offsets

Learn more about our energy services by checking out our FAQ page.

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Spring Rewards Program

We want to thank our customers for choosing us as their Pennsylvania electricity supplier, so we created the Spring Rewards program. It’s a loyalty program for those on our Spring Green or Zero Gas energy plans. 

As part of the program, you get $25 in monthly rewards in the form of discounts for all sorts of exciting stores and experiences. You’ll also be able to join in any giveaways we host and can enter as many times as you want.

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We Care About the Environment and the Community

We service across the entire state Including Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, and more.

We want to be more than a Pennsylvania energy provider; we want to be active in the movement to save the environment. This is why we partner with nonprofit organizations to help the planet.

Partnering with Global Environmental Nonprofits

We established a private fund called The Spring Power and Gas Environmental Fund to help support nonprofits around the world. To be eligible, the nonprofit must match our commitment to preserving the environment. 

A nonprofit must: 

  • Foster environmental accountability and sustainability.
  • Create engaged, supportive, environmentally conscientious communities. 
  • Design grassroots initiatives to build environmental awareness.
  • Create sustainable long-term plans for people and the world.

We’ve worked with Alliance for a Living Ocean, Earth Spark International, Bikemore, Earth Watch Institute, and more.

Every Spring Power & Gas customer contributes to this fund when they join Kiwi Energy.

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Partnering with Local Environmental Nonprofits

We love our customers as much as we love the environment. That’s why we decided to combine our love of both by partnering with local nonprofits. Not only are we helping the environment, but we’re also improving Pennsylvania as a whole.

As long as they match our values, any Pennsylvania environmental nonprofit is eligible for partnership!

Check out our press page to learn more!

Join Us Today!

With all of Pennsylvania’s rich natural features, it’s crucial to make environmentally conscious efforts to protect and conserve our home. Take steps towards a brighter, healthier future and start making eco-friendly decisions today, starting with who you get your energy from.

Sign up with Spring Power & Gas and enjoy the peace of mind in knowing you’ve chosen a sustainable future.

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