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Welcome to New Jersey

New Jersey boasts a richly diverse natural environment that spans the sandy beaches of the Jersey Shore, the verdant Pine Barrens, the rolling hills and fertile farmland of the Highlands, and the dramatic Kittatinny Ridge. This diversity supports a variety of ecosystems with abundant wildlife, including numerous endangered species.

Spring Power & Gas is a leading New Jersey electric supplier committed to providing the state with affordable, clean, and renewable energy. By choosing us as your energy provider, you help protect New Jersey’s unique environmental heritage.

Spring Power & Gas Helps the Environment

More and more environmentally-conscious New Jerseyites are switching to Spring Power & Gas for their energy needs. That’s because we provide reliable, eco-friendly natural gas and electrical energy solutions while offering superior customer service.

If you’re looking for an energy supplier in New Jersey, we’ve got you covered!

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Using RECs and Carbon Offsets

Spring Power & Gas stands out among other local New Jersey energy providers in large part due to our use of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) and carbon offsets.

RECs are a market-based mechanism that tracks the flow of wind, solar, and other renewable energy into the power grid. Whenever you add clean energy to the general power supply, you get a REC as proof of your contribution.

Spring Power & Gas uses RECs by purchasing generated renewable energy in increments of one megawatt-hour (MWh).

Meanwhile, carbon offsets are financial credits for projects that reduce CO2 emissions to balance or “offset” your carbon footprint. We invest in carbon offsets.

Learn more about RECs and carbon offsets via our Energy FAQ page or our blog for a good read on how you can help contribute to environmental sustainability.

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Our Environmentally-Friendly Plans

Using RECs and carbon offsets, we tailor our energy programs to match your energy use by up to 100%. Here’s what’s available:

  • Spring Green 50 or 100: You can select a plan that uses RECs to cover 50% or 100% of your power use.
  • Zero Gas 50 or 100: You can match 50% or 100% of your annual gas use with carbon offsets.
  • Spring Guard:Choose a plan with a variable monthly charge you can cancel within the first 36 months.
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How Spring Power & Gas Helps Local Communities

Spring Power & Gas helps New Jersey by promoting cleaner air and reducing the health risks associated with pollution. Moreover, we provide a sustainable energy source that reduces dependency on fossil fuels. By doing so, we make the community more resistant to energy price fluctuations and supply disruptions, enhancing local energy security.

Learn more about our role in the community via our press page!

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Our Environmental Fund

As a leading New Jersey electric provider, Spring Power & Gas prioritizes environmental accountability and sustainability. We continually seek ways to further reduce our environmental impact and create greater awareness about preserving our environment.

We also have a Spring Power & Gas Environmental Fund supporting environmental NGOs. These groups can be anywhere if they share our environmental principles.

We’ve worked with:

  • Alliance for a Living Ocean
  • Bikemore
  • EarthSpark International
  • Earthwatch Institute

As a Spring Power & Gas customer, your monthly payments automatically contribute to these funds.

Join Us Today!

We love New Jersey! Our company is dedicated to preserving the local environment for present and future generations to enjoy.

By choosing Spring Power & Gas as your New Jersey electric supplier, you’ll save money on utility costs and play your role in preserving the environment in your local community. Contact us to learn more about switching to Spring Power & Gas and taking advantage of our membership perks. Sign up today!

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