RRH Sustainability Report

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2016-2017 RRH Richmond Road Holdings
Sustainability Summary


Building and maintaining trust in customers and businesses is fundamental to achieving a sustainable economy and world. The value of the sustainability reporting process is to ensure that organizations like us consider the impact we have on sustainability issues and it enables us to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities. The increased transparency leads to better decision making, which helps us build and maintain trust with our customers and businesses.

Focus on People

Sustainability not only applies to our company practices but to our people. We look to identify what is important to our employees and stakeholders and create a workplace that provides support and opportunities to nurture employees that are as dedicated to Richmond Road Holdings as we are to them.

Focus on Environment

In today’s society, customers, businesses, regulators and other stakeholders are influencing companies to operate in a more sustainable fashion. Performance expectations are being driven beyond just economic considerations, to include environmental, social and governance aspects of a business.

Focus on Community

Richmond Road Holdings is firmly committed to establishing and growing positive and productive relationships with our neighbors in the energy markets that we serve. These efforts encompass annual contributions, community outreach, and establishing community and professional partnerships.

To learn more about the progress outlined in our 2016-2017 Sustainability Report, please download the full report below.