Carbon Offset Projects in the Amazon

June 13, 2018

To offset a customers’ carbon emissions for our Zero Gas Product, we’ve chosen two valuable and worthy projects: The CIKEL Project, which is available to all new Green-e customers, and for a portion of our customer base, the RMDTL…

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Uncovering Why Your Utility Costs Increase During Summer

June 7, 2018

Most of us look forward to summer all winter long.  Although we love being able to spend time outdoors in mother nature, when summer arrives, so do the extremely high (and sometimes uncomfortable) temperatures. Often times with the higher temperatures,…

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5 Activities for a Sustainable Summer

May 30, 2018

At Spring Power & Gas, we believe in keeping our planet green for your outdoor adventures, and through our eco-conscious energy and natural gas plans, we seek to create a sustainable future. In addition to offering environmentally conscious energy…

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Supporting Renewable Energy

May 23, 2018

According to IRENA, at the end of 2017, global renewable generation capacity increased by +8.3%, with solar taking first place.  It’s safe to say that a clean energy revolution occurring across America. In fact, the US ranked 2ndamongst the…

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Play Your Part on International Recycling Day

May 16, 2018

Recycling is an easy way to protect our environment and ensure the well-being of our community for generations to come. However, the success of recycling depends on the active participation of each and every one of us. By playing your…

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5 Earth-Friendly Mother’s Day Ideas

May 9, 2018

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the special women in your life, and it can simultaneously be a great way to celebrate Mother Earth too! Finding a gift for mom that’s eco-friendly doesn’t have to be expensive or…

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Celebrating Bike Month

May 2, 2018

National Bike Month is celebrated in communities from coast to coast each May. Established in 1956, National Bike Month is an opportunity to celebrate the countless benefits of bicycling and to encourage more people to start riding. Below are our…

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Reducing Your Household Food Waste

April 25, 2018

Many of us don’t notice how much food we’re throwing away each day. From uneaten leftovers to old or damaged produce, the EPA approximates that 95% of the food we discard ends up accumulating in landfills. Make it a point in…

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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day that Have a Lasting Impact

April 18, 2018

Commemorated annually on the 22nd of April, more than 1 billion people worldwide partake in what is now the largest civic-focused day of action on our planet: Earth Day. Wondering how you can get involved and contribute to this cause?…

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Tips for Replacing Disposable Products

April 11, 2018

Many people have decided to take action and have chosen to live a little to no waste lifestyle in attempts to combat climate change and the ever increasing amount of waste accumulating in landfills. If you’ve recently decided that you’re…

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Stepping into Spring with National Walking Day

April 4, 2018

Research has proven that walking outdoors surrounded by mother nature can enhance overall well-being and health. In fact, The American Heart Association even sponsors National Walking Day (which we’re observing today) as a reminder of the endless benefits associated with…

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4 Tips for a More Sustainable Workout Regimen

March 28, 2018

While working towards self growth and improvement is extremely important, many of us don’t consider how our workout regimens are impacting the environment. Getting or staying in shape doesn’t have to involve fuel usage, the unnecessary energy consumption from using…

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