Top 5 Energy-Saving Portable Heaters to Keep You Warm

Note: We wanted to remind everyone that takes the time to read this post that while we understand the appeal of space heaters, they can be fire-hazard prone. So please be careful in your shopping and be sure to read reviews and only consider high-quality space heaters. Please follow best [...]

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15 Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving Tips

The holiday season is wonderful. It's the time of year to bundle up, spend some time with friends and family, and eat some really good food. However, along with all that food comes extra packaging, leftovers, and ultimately—waste. In fact, over 200 million pounds of perfectly edible turkey meat will [...]

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What Are the Main Types of Renewable Energy?

Have you ever wondered, “what is renewable energy?” or “what are all the types of renewable energy?” Wonder no more. Renewable energy very simply refers to the energy found in natural resources like sunlight, air, and water. These renewable energy resources are constantly created and renewed by the earth and [...]

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10 Tips for Gardening with Recycled Materials

Gardeners are natural recyclers. If you’ve been gardening for years, you probably have a working compost pile full of food scraps and compostable materials. This is one of the best ways to recycle in your garden because it gives back to the earth and creates food for growing plants. However, [...]

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Propane v Natural Gas: The Facts & How You Can Use Both

Propane and natural gas are two gas fuels commonly used for cooking and heating. While many people see it as propane vs natural gas, the gasses are similar in many ways. However, they also have a number of important differences as well. One major difference is in the way they [...]

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How to Upcycle Clothes: A Beginner’s Guide

Remember how your grandma was an expert at turning something old into something new and useful? Well, she was what we’d call a master at upcycling! Upcycling is essentially turning something old or used into something new, useful, or even pretty. Just to give you an idea, upcycling clothes is [...]

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How To Live Zero Waste: A Beginner’s Guide

It’s no secret: landfill waste is an enormous problem. The amount of trash we throw away that doesn’t decompose poses a great threat to our environment, and the pollution it causes can’t be ignored. The waste we throw out also gives off noxious gases and causes groundwater and surface water [...]

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What are Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings and Where to Shop

You lovebirds are a savvy pair! When shopping for engagement rings, many couples don’t realize that those precious metals and sparkling gems may reflect environmental harm. However, having found this article, you’re obviously eco-minded. Your lifestyle choices demonstrate genuine concern for our Earth. But, what actually constitutes an “eco-friendly” engagement [...]

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Tips on How to Weatherize Your Home

Cooling and heating your home can get expensive, especially here in the northeastern United States. Hot humid summers and freezing winters cost enough in energy bills as it is, but if you haven't weatherized your home, you’re going to spend even more. During winter alone you could save up to [...]

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