All You Need to Know about Wind Energy Technologies

Wind energy technologies are used as a form of renewable energy production and can help reduce the amount of air pollution caused by the use of fossil fuels. Wind power can be used to provide electricity for homes, schools, businesses, and even for a specific task, such as pumping water, [...]

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Who Made My Clothes: The Slow Fashion Revolution

The frenetic pace at which society currently races is quite possibly one of the leading factors of so much stress and anxiety felt by people today. Fortunately, the need to regain some peace and sanity has resulted in the SLOW movement - Sustainable, Local, Organic, and Whole: slow living, slow [...]

2020-01-07T15:34:51-05:00January 15th, 2020|

Most Eco-Friendly Cars for 2020

If you’re on the lookout for an eco-friendly car for your commute, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are a lot more options available today than in years past. Electric cars have come a long way in development, popularity, and usability. You can choose from fully electric [...]

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How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are the hallmark of the holiday season. In 2018, 32.8 million real trees and 23.6 million artificial trees were purchased in the U.S. So what should happen to all these trees when the season is over? Though many might be tempted to throw their tree in the trash [...]

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No Waste Wrapping Paper

One of the many joys of Christmas and birthdays is the beautifully-wrapped gifts, adorned with curly ribbons, over-sized bows, and elaborate wrapping paper. But wait: Would you have ever thought that this delightful packaging may actually be hurting the environment? According to a study conducted by Earth911, an estimated 2.3 [...]

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Bringing in the New Year with Green in Mind

Are you interested in “going green” for the new year? If so, you may want to add a few green New Year's resolution ideas to your list. Maybe you already have resolutions about your health and about your wealth. Why not add one more to improve the environment? To make [...]

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What Are Fossil Fuels?

You might hear the term “fossil fuels” thrown around on the news a lot. The term can sound strange, as if we’re discussing fossilized, solid chunks of fuel. What are fossil fuels? The name comes from the fact that these fuels are from ancient sources and that we find them [...]

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10 Best Solar Backpacks

There’s nothing more irritating than being on a hiking trail or on a tram to work and having your phone die on you. A fairly new invention, solar backpacks, alleviate these concerns by allowing you to charge your devices. Not only do they provide convenience, but they are also an [...]

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Real vs Fake Christmas Tree: Which Is Greener?

The debate between getting a real vs fake Christmas tree has always been around. It’s not simply about which one is better, but rather which one is more environmentally friendly. The answer lies heavily in the way people utilize and take care of these trees; however, there are a lot [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Electric Power

When you imagine electricity, what do you visualize? Lighting in the sky? Electric light bulbs? Diagrams from a science textbook of arrows going through wires? You probably remember that matter is made up of atoms, and each of those atoms has electrons orbiting it. In a metal, those electrons can [...]

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