Ocean Wave Energy: How Does It Work

Ocean waves contain tremendous energy potential since the wind blows nearly constantly enough to provide consistent waves in many areas of the world. Add in the rhythmic tides and powerful currents that course beneath the surface of the seas and we’ve got mind-boggling quantities of kinetic energy ready to be [...]

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A Better Alternative to Plastic Drinking Straws

Straws have a lot going for them. Coupled with a lid, they prevent many a spill. For young children, using a straw can help them develop articulation and clarity of speech. Many people in the elderly and disabled communities find plastic straws, in particular, indispensable.   While straws definitely have [...]

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How Do We Pollute? 9 Types of Ocean Pollution

Algae blooms. Coral bleaching. Dead zones. Economic crisis. These are just a few of the many serious consequences of polluting Earth’s waters. By educating ourselves on the types of ocean pollution, we are taking the first step to becoming aware so that we will be more empowered to take the [...]

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How Do Plastic Straws Affect the Environment?

If you’re still sipping your mojitos or slurping your morning smoothie through a plastic straw, it’s time to think twice! Plastic straws may be convenient, but there is growing evidence to all the damage these seemingly harmless utensils are contributing to our planet. This evidence has led progressive cities like [...]

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How Does Recycling Save Energy?

Helping the environment happens one step at a time. If you’re enthusiastic about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, you probably take the time to recycle and compost most of your home waste. While recycling certainly reduces the waste you produce, did you know that recycling saves energy as well? Producing new [...]

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Do Energy Star Appliances Really Save Money?

When it comes to energy efficient appliances, do Energy Star appliances really save money? The honest answer is that it depends. If your current refrigerator and other appliances are over a decade old, they weren't created with the same energy standard requirements as new appliances and probably aren't running as [...]

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Reduce Waste with Our 15 Eco-Friendly Holiday Tips

The upcoming holidays are a time to celebrate with family and friends, enjoy delicious food, receive gifts, decorate our homes, and show gratitude for the things we have. And what better way to show a little gratitude than treating our planet with the care it deserves. When the holidays roll [...]

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The Pros & Cons of Nuclear Energy: Is it safe?

When you hear the words “nuclear energy,” what do you think of? Perhaps an image comes to mind of a nuclear bomb, or a nuclear energy crisis like Chernobyl or Fukushima. If this is your image of nuclear power, you might be surprised to learn that nuclear energy is actually [...]

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Top 5 Energy-Saving Portable Heaters to Keep You Warm

Note: We wanted to remind everyone that takes the time to read this post that while we understand the appeal of space heaters, they can be fire-hazard prone. So please be careful in your shopping and be sure to read reviews and only consider high-quality space heaters. Please follow best [...]

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