Environmental Fund in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland

Environmental sustainability with energy usage is of utmost priority to Spring Power & Gas, and one of the ways we help to give back to nature is through our involvement in the Spring Power and Gas Environmental Fund.

What is the Spring Environmental Fund?

The Spring Power and Gas Environmental Fund is a private fund that acts to support environmentally-focused nonprofit groups both domestically and globally, offering contributions to programs aligning with our central values of environmental accountability, integrity, and sustainability.


The Spring Power and Gas Environmental Fund has offered partnership and support to a wide variety of environmental organizations and initiatives, including Earth Spark International, Earth Watch Institute, Alliance for a Living Ocean, and Bikemore.

These groups gain our interest through their exhibition of fundamental qualities for environmental protection, such as:

  • Cultures fostering environmental accountability and sustainability.
  • Interest in creating engaged, supportive, and environmentally-conscientious communities.
  • Grassroots initiatives designed to build environmental awareness.
  • Long-term plans and sustainable solutions oriented on both people and the world.

Get Involved

If you have plans for a project that fits our criteria of environmentally-sustainable initiatives, feel free to contact us. Moreover, by joining Spring Power & Gas as a customer, an automatic contribution is made to the Spring Environmental Fund. Sign up for Spring Power and Gas today.

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