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Sustainable Energy: Your Harrisburg Gas and Electric Company

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Powering Harrisburg with Sustainable Gas and Electric Options

As Pennsylvania’s capital, Harrisburg has a rich history that spans from its strategic importance during the Civil War to its role in the industrial revolution. Today, Harrisburg stands at the forefront of another transformation: the shift towards sustainable living and renewable energy.

As a city surrounded by natural beauty—including the Susquehanna River and the Tuscarora State Forest—Harrisburg’s residents increasingly prioritize eco-friendly solutions, including searching for a sustainable Harrisburg electric and gas company.

Spring Power & Gas is leading the charge by offering residents the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint with sustainable gas and electric options. Together, we can power our homes and businesses while protecting the environment for future generations.

Our Sustainable Gas and Electric Services

Choosing a sustainable Harrisburg, PA, electric and gas company is a pivotal step towards a greener future. Here’s a look at our eco-friendly services:

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Zero Gas 50 or Zero Gas 100

When you need an eco-friendly Harrisburg gas company, turn toward our Zero Gas 50 or Zero Gas 100 options. Our Zero Gas plans offer you the choice to offset 50% or 100% of your gas consumption with renewable energy RECs.

These plans adapt to market changes with variable rates and are perfect for Harrisburg households aiming to make a difference. Initial terms last for 36 months, but you can cancel your plan anytime.

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Spring Green 50 or Spring Green 100

As the premier sustainable Harrisburg, PA, electric company, we help residents embrace renewable energy with Spring Green, our adaptable electricity plans designed to meet your environmental goals by matching 50% or 100% of your energy usage with renewable energy credits.

With variable rates reflective of market conditions, you have the power to support green energy sources without being locked into long-term commitments. Available for a 36-month initial term, these terms offer Harrisburg residents a simple way to contribute to a greener planet (also with options to cancel anytime).

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Spring Rewards Program

Choosing Spring Power & Gas benefits the environment and rewards you. You’ll automatically become part of our Spring Rewards Program by subscribing to one of our gas or electric plans. This initiative gives you $25 in Rewards Dollars monthly, redeemable for various deals and discounts, and access to exclusive giveaways.

It’s our way of thanking you for joining us in the mission to foster a greener Harrisburg.

Why Choose Spring Power & Gas as Your Harrisburg Gas and Electric Company

Opting for Spring Power & Gas as your Harrisburg gas company and electric provider means choosing a partner committed to both the environment and exceptional service. Our dedication goes beyond offering renewable energy solutions—it’s about delivering reliability, innovative rewards, and a personal touch that sets us apart from other gas and electric options.

With a legacy of fostering green energy adoption and prioritizing customer satisfaction, we ensure your journey toward sustainability is as rewarding as it is impactful.

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Join Harrisburg’s Green Revolution with Spring Power & Gas

As Harrisburg strides toward a more sustainable and eco-conscious future, your choice of energy and gas provider plays a crucial role. Spring Power & Gas offers innovative, flexible plans that support renewable energy efforts and reward your commitment to a greener planet.

Choose Spring Power & Gas as your Harrisburg gas and electric company and take a significant step toward reducing your carbon footprint. Together, we can pave the way for a cleaner, greener Harrisburg.

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