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Environmentalism in the City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia has a history so rich that it’s covered in schools across the country. From the Continental Congress and Independence Hall to the Liberty Bell, sites of national significance are everywhere you turn.

Recent years have seen historic efforts toward a greener, more sustainable future in Philly. The Office of Sustainability (OOS) stands at the forefront of the city’s efforts, with initiatives like a plastic bag ban and Greenworks Philadelphia pushing the envelope toward cleaner energy, sustainable resources, and low-carbon transportation.

Spring Power & Gas is proud to be part of the eco-friendly movement with our Philadelphia gas and electric company.

Sustainable Gas & Electric Options

One of the ways you can fight climate change and protect our city is by switching to our Philadelphia electric and gas company. Learn about our programs below.

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Zero Gas 50 or Zero Gas 100

Our Zero Gas plans replace 50 to 100% of your gas usage with renewable energy RECs. These are variable-rate plans, so the amount paid for gas fluctuates each month, but you’ll be saving energy either way, and you can cancel your plan at any time. The initial term lasts for 36 months.

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Spring Green 50 or Spring Green 100

Spring Green is our variable-rate electricity plan that matches your energy needs with RECs. Choose whether you want to match your usage by 50 or 100% with renewable energy credits, and we’ll do the rest. Rates do change from month to month. The initial term lasts 36 months, but you can cancel whenever you choose.

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Spring Guard

This is another variable-rate plan, but Spring Guard is set up to protect your appliances and HVAC system from power surges. Again, the initial term is 36 months, but there are no cancellation fees.

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Spring Rewards Program

Choosing our gas or electric plans benefits the Philadelphia environment, but there are perks for you as well. Both plans include membership in our Spring Rewards Program. It rewards you with $25 monthly, which you can cash in for deals and discounts. There are also giveaways for members.

Why Choose Spring Power & Gas?

We only have one planet, and we are running out of time to take care of it. Choosing Spring Power & Gas demonstrates your commitment to conservation and takes positive steps toward minimizing your carbon footprint while still receiving outstanding gas and electricity service. For residents who care about the environmental future of the Delaware Valley and beyond, we think the choice is clear.

We utilize RECs and carbon offsets to protect the planet. Furthermore, our customers enable us to partner with environmentally active nonprofit organizations worldwide through the Spring Environmental Fund.

Investing in green energy on the local level is important, too. See our press releases to discover how we’re working with neighborhood initiatives, including those right here in Philly, to promote sustainability and safeguard the future.

Take Strides Toward a Greener Future Today

At Spring Power & Gas, we’re as dedicated as you are to a greener tomorrow. Partner with us as your gas and electric company in Philadelphia as we do our part to make this world a cleaner, more sustainable place.

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