Are you sick of throwing away lots of unnecessary trash? There is a new way to reduce how much waste you put into the environment. It is called zero waste living, and it is a modern lifestyle that can help break up the seemingly endless cycle of consumerism. If you want to make this kind of life change it can seem really intimidating, but we have the top 5 ways to be able to begin your waste-free living.

#1 Ditch Plastic Bags

When it comes to grocery shopping one of the most wasteful things that are used is the plastic bags to hold all your groceries. Buy the reusable bags from stores to reduce the waste of plastic bags and lots of stores will give you a discount for bringing those in!

#2 Bring Your Own Lunch

One of the worst ways that you can reduce waste in your life is to avoid buying lunches from fast food or food stands. Bring with your lunch with you, with utensils and reusable containers that will help reduce using plastics and other waste every day.

#3 Always Have a Reusable Water Bottle

This step may seem like a simple one but it is something everyone can do to take steps towards zero waste life. Having a reusable water bottle reduces the use of plastic water bottles and can help not use disposable cups that build up a lot of plastics in our environment.

#4 Eat All Your Leftovers

One of the best things you can do to reduce your waste and get one step closer to zero waste life is to eat all of the leftovers you cook. It can be hard to cook exactly the amount of food you need for each day so plan in your meal prep a day to eat all of the leftovers you have made! This help reduces the amount of food that goes to waste.

#5 Simplify Your Cleaning Products

You can make your own cleaning products with White Vinegar and baking soda creating the best cleaning products. These cleaning products are natural and a great alternative to chemicals found in cleaners and can reduce all the packaging that comes with cleaners by using your own reusable containers.

Reusable coffee cup, insulated drink bottle and shopping tote bag on white table against brick wall with copy space

Those are the 5 top ways to start to bring a zero-waste lifestyle into your life. Adopting these habits will not only help the environment but also help you feel great about what you are doing to help our planet. If you want to help pursue even more ways to have an eco-friendly lifestyle learn about Spring Power & Gas’ energy offsets and how you can make the switch today!