Have you heard of the Maryland Clean Energy Job Act that was recently passed? In this quick read, you’ll learn more about this big change, what it means for Maryland residents, and how it applies to you and your future.

What Is the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act?

Quite recently, on April 8th of 2019, Maryland state lawmakers passed the Clean Energy Jobs Act, which was drafted and proposed with the intent to continuously improve their clean energy economy by advancing their electricity generation. The driving force behind the act is Maryland’s goal to achieve 50% renewable energy for all operations by the year 2030.

With this emphasis on environmental living and sustainability, state lawmakers expect a drastic influx in job opportunities and local investments. Maryland officials are also hoping to attract the attention of large-scale corporations that are publicly committed to the pursuit of renewable energy.

According to Renewable Energy World, experts predict that the Clean Energy Jobs Act will spur approximately 20,000 new job opportunities in the solar industry and nearly 6,000 new jobs in the development and manufacturing of their offshore wind industry. This revolutionary bill has secured Maryland’s lead in the nation’s stretch toward sustainable living and renewable energy.

Maryland’s Future

Looking forward, Maryland hopes to someday achieve 100% clean electricity (preferably by the year 2040). To ensure that state officials and lawmakers stay on the right track toward environmentally-beneficial living, active continual progression is a fundamental component of the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

What does all this mean for the residents of Maryland? For starters, residents can rest assured knowing that there will be plenty of well-paying job opportunities for men and women across the state. In addition to the 20,000+ job opportunities that are expected to result from the Clean Energy Jobs Act, future milestones in their pursuit of clean electricity are sure to generate even more jobs for local residents.

Furthermore, residents can expect to reap the benefits of cleaner air and water as they greatly reduce the amount of fossil fuel emissions they produce as a collective society. 

Let’s Pursue a Sustainable Future

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