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The Monumental City

Officially founded in 1729, Baltimore has as much history as any other US city. City officials are committed to making sure it has a future, too: They’ve launched an ambitious plan that aims for carbon neutrality by 2045. Our Baltimore gas and electric company has a beautiful, dynamic city that’s actively feeling the pressure of climate change, so any positive movement is welcome.

Baltimore is the largest city in Maryland and part of the greater Baltimore-Washington DC metro area. The Patapsco River flows out to the Atlantic, making the city a major shipping port throughout its history.

The combination of a growing city and a concern for environmentalism makes the city a perfect home for Spring Power & Gas.

The Services of Our Baltimore Electric and Gas Company

We strongly believe that conservation and responsible energy use can go hand in hand. Our energy plans are designed for conscientious consumers who want to do their part in preserving our planet for future generations.

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Spring Green 50 or Spring Green 100

Depending on which plan you choose, our variable rate electricity plan matches either 50 or 100% of your energy usage with RECs purchased from renewable energy sources. Rates may fluctuate each month. The initial term is 36 months, but you can cancel at any time.

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Zero Gas 50 or Zero Gas 100

Like the Spring Green plans, this is a variable rate plan that matches either 50 or 100% of your gas usage with renewable energy RECs. Rates fluctuate, and the initial term lasts 36 months—although, again, you can cancel at any time.

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Spring Guard

This plan protects your HVAC system and household appliances from power surges. It’s a variable-rate plan with a 36-month term but no cancelation fees.

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Spring Rewards Program

Enrollment in our Spring Green or Zero Gas plans includes membership in the Spring Rewards Program. In addition to regular giveaways, you’ll earn $25 in Rewards Dollars each month that can be used to unlock all sorts of deals and discounts.

The Spring Power & Gas Difference

We take our responsibility to this planet seriously. Our customers help us invest in the environment through RECs, carbon offsets, and the Spring Environmental Fund. This fund supports environmentally focused nonprofit groups around the world, including Bikemore, Earth Watch Institute, Earth Spark International, and Alliance for a Living Ocean.

We’re also passionate about partnering with local Baltimore organizations committed to a brighter, greener future. Partnering with Spring Power & Gas is one way you can invest in your local community and environment.

Join us at the crossroads of environmental responsibility and quality service. Our years of experience and commitment to eco-friendly energy make us the ideal choice for Baltimore residents who want to do more to decrease their carbon footprint and care for our world.

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Spring Power & Gas company in Baltimore, MD, is committed to providing our customers with the electricity they need while protecting the environment. The future of Baltimore, Maryland, and our planet matters to us. Choose us as your gas and electric company in Baltimore to see the difference we can make together.

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