Are you wanting to keep the earth in mind in your daily life? There are lots of things you can do to make big life changes, however, if you want to start with baby steps you can replace your light bulbs and use eco-friendly light bulbs. They are a simple way to save energy and help the environment at the same time. More and more people are starting to use eco-friendly light bulbs and are continuing to make better choices to keep the earth in mind.

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What Are the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

There are lots of benefits when switching to eco-friendly light bulbs. Below are just a handful of the biggest benefits of using eco-friendly instead of traditional light bulbs:

  1. Long Lifetime: Eco-Friendly light bulbs can last up to 3 times longer than traditional light bulbs
  2. Durable: Eco-friendly light bulbs are not made of glass making them more durable. They can withstand extreme temperatures so you don’t have to worry about them breaking in harsh weather.
  3. Non-Toxic: These lightbulbs are made from 100% recycled material. One eco-friendly light bulb can save material of 25 traditional light bulbs.
  4. No Heat: Eco-friendly lights do not get hot after being on for a long time, so they hold less risk of fire or accidental burns.
  5. More Light Distribution: Lightbulbs that are eco-friendly put out more light for each light bulb. This means you do not need as many lightbulbs on to light up rooms. These can save you money and help the environment by not using as much electricity.

What Kinds of Bulbs are there?

Green eco energy concept. Plant growing inside light bulb

There are a lot of different bulbs that are eco-friendly and will help you save money. A few of the more common ones are:

  • LEDs lights
  • CFLs
  • Halogen Incandescents

These lights all have different pros and cons to them. For example, a halogen incandescent lightbulb holds gas around the build to increase efficiency and offer colors and shapes. Although halogen incandescents do meet the federal minimum to be considered energy efficient there are better options for energy efficiency. CFL light bulbs should always be recycled once they no longer work and most retailers will recycle them at no charge to you. LED lights are the most expensive but they also last the longest and use the least amount of energy so you make your money back over time.

What More Can I do?

Once you have made the choice to live a more eco-conscious life with using eco-friendly light bulbs then you can start taking bigger strides to help the Earth. One way you can help the earth is by switching to Spring Power & Gas. Spring Power and Gas takes initiatives to protect the earth first by being involved in the community and helping educate people on ways to be eco-conscious. Learn all about their Ecogold Rewards plan to see how you can be eco-conscious in your energy and receive rewards for it.