Spring Power & Gas Ecogold

At Spring Power & Gas, customer satisfaction is always a top priority. Exemplary of our dedication to loyal customers, we offer you the chance to join and reap the benefits of our Ecogold membership program.

How to Join

Getting started with us is easy: as soon as you become a Spring and Gold customer, you automatically receive membership for the Ecogold program. You’ll receive a welcome pack with your welcome letter and Ecogold Membership Card within 2-4 weeks of signing up. You can then register online and start redeeming rewards.

Ecogold Benefits

Ecogold offers members a wide variety of useful benefits for members. Choose either Ecogold Rewards or Cash Back on supply charges with Spring Power and Gas. You can switch between the two benefits by contacting us on 800 710 4782.

Furthermore, the program allows you to redeem Ecogold Rewards for energy efficient products for your home or gift cards with participating brands:

The Home Depot
CVS Pharmacy
Foot Locker

More Benefits

Those are just some of the many benefits, however. Your natural gas usage will be matched 100% with Green-e Climate certified Carbon Offsets and your electric usage will be matched 100% with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Our Wind REC is Green-e Energy certified. In addition, you can participate in special competitions and giveaways reserved for Ecogold members.

The Start of a Beautiful Friendship

When you join the Ecogold program with Spring Power & Gas, you’re not only gaining the high-quality services of our energy options, but you are also receiving great benefits, as well as the satisfaction of offsetting your energy usage. Join Spring Power and Gas and become an Ecogold member today.

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