Spring Power & Gas, is excited about its recent contribution to non-profit organization, EarthSpark International. Spring Power & Gas has had an ongoing relationship with EarthSpark for several years which has provided opportunities to support the organization with several projects, including relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Operating in Haiti since 2009, EarthSpark is committed to expanding access to electricity. In 2012, EarthSpark launched a first of its kind, privately operated microgrid in Les Anglais, a small town that didn’t previously have grid electricity. By 2015, this impressive organization expanded the grid to 430 connections, directly serving over 2000 people with 24-hour electricity, most of which is powered by solar energy and battery storage. In December, EarthSpark turned the switch on for its second solar-powered community electricity system in the fishing village of Tiburon, Haiti. EarthSpark’s community-scale grids are large enough to power small industry and progressive enough to offer accessible service to every single resident living within the infrastructure’s footprint.

EarthSpark aims to build high-quality electricity to an additional 22 towns in Haiti by the end of 2023. Spring Power & Gas’ recent contribution will help them get closer to their goal. Not only is EarthSpark proving what is possible in clean and reliable energy provision, the organization is building infrastructure and institutions with an approach they call “feminist electrification.” “Feminist electrification” means that women and men are equal participants in these new power systems.

“Haiti is a beautiful country that’s full of potential, but unfortunately, its conditions are very challenging right now. The country remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, which goes hand-in-hand with its prevalent energy poverty. Less than 25% of Haiti’s households are connected to electricity grids. EarthSpark’s response and continued efforts to this grave situation are remarkable, and we are honored to be able to help contribute to their mission.” – Nichola Clark, VP Creative Director, Spring Power & Gas.

About Spring Power & Gas

Spring Power & Gas is an energy retailer offering innovative electricity and gas solutions to Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We focus on environmentally conscious products backed by friendly and efficient customer service. Visit https://springpowerandgas.us for more information.

About EarthSpark International

EarthSpark International is a non-profit organization building businesses that enable people to access electricity for the first time. So far the organization has spun off Enèji Pwòp, S.A., a Haitian electric grid operator, and SparkMeter, Inc., a smart meter technology company. EarthSpark is also the leader in solar-powered smart grids in Haiti with a plan to scale from 2 to 24 towns in the next 4 years.

Where there is no incumbent infrastructure, there is an opportunity to build energy systems that use today’s technologies, business models, and community participation to deliver clean, affordable, reliable electricity. Visit http://www.earthsparkinternational.org/ to learn more.