Spring Power & Gas, an energy retailer providing electricity and gas supply services to Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, is donating to Hope for Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake which struck the southern region of the small island country on August 14th.

The recent disaster comes after an incredibly challenging few years for Haitian families who have endured political and civil unrest, food, water, and economic insecurity, in addition to the recent outbreak of COVID-19.  The 7.2 magnitude earthquake, caused deaths, injuries, and severe damage to homes, schools, and important community infrastructure.

The contribution made by Spring Power & Gas as well as other partners will help support Hope for Haiti’s short-term and long-term earthquake relief efforts, including rubble removal and rehabilitation of homes, schools, and healthcare facilities; supplying medical supplies; providing health consultations; and distributing home water filtration systems to families in rural and urban areas who lack access to clean drinking water, and who are at risk of contracting waterborne illnesses.

Hope for Haiti has been working in southern Haiti for the past 32 years to resource and empower local leaders and support systems of education, healthcare, access to clean water, and economic opportunity. “The people of Haiti have been dealt with many challenges over the past couple of years, which makes the work done by organizations such as Hope for Haiti exceedingly important. The impact of the 2021 Earthquake is devastating, and Spring Power & Gas encourages everyone to do what they can for the thousands affected by the event. The best way to do this is to support organizations like Hope for Haiti that are working to provide relief, aid, and long-term solutions to those who are struggling.” said Nichola Clark, VP Creative Director, Spring Power & Gas.