Spring Power & Gas, a retail energy provider of electricity and gas supply services for Maryland and New Jersey, is partnering with Earthwatch Institute, a global environmental nonprofit organization, to sponsor a student for the “Climate Change: Sea to Trees at Acadia National Park” expedition. The winner of the fellowship was Sophia Ludtke, a freshman at Newark Academy in Livingston, NJ.

During the expedition, which takes place July 23-29, students will focus on how Acadia National Park is being reshaped by climate change and how to solve some of these challenges to keep this national treasure healthy. This is essential for maintaining the ecosystem as well as sustaining the millions of visitors each year. Participants will track biodiversity in the intertidal zone, collect data on island flora and make critical contributions to a large and long-term effort being made to understand how to best protect our natural treasures in a time of rapid change.

Sophia will be documenting her journey via her blog to share her learnings and experiences with peers and for the interest of the greater public.

Since 1971, Earthwatch Institute has offered individuals from all walks of life the opportunity to assist scientists on field research projects around the world. “The expeditions are an opportunity for each participant to develop a deeper understanding of their role in building a sustainable future,” said Scott Kania, Earthwatch CEO, “and they often have a powerful, transformative impact – particularly on students.”

Earthwatch makes these expeditions possible by utilizing a unique citizen science model to raise funds, recruit students, teachers, and corporate fellows to participate in critical field research that aims to understand nature’s response to the accelerating global change.

“We are proud to support Earthwatch Institute’s efforts by sponsoring this expedition and encouraging STEM education paths for young female ambassadors. We hope that Sophia will gain a broader awareness of environmental stewardship and share her experiences with the wider community,” said Richard Booth, President of Retail Operations at Spring Power and Gas.

Spring Power and Gas believes in supporting organizations like Earthwatch Institute that empower our future leaders through uniquely immersive opportunities to conduct research alongside scientists “in the field” and to help them find sustainable solutions. This particular expedition focuses on educating and inspiring students in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). These values align with Spring Power & Gas’s own which ultimately foster a culture of environmental accountability.

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About Earthwatch Institute

Earthwatch Institute (earthwatch.org) is an international nonprofit organization that connects citizens with scientists to improve the health and sustainability of the planet. Since its founding in 1971, Earthwatch has empowered nearly 100,000 volunteers from all walks of life to join leading scientists on field research expeditions that tackle critical environmental challenges around the globe – from climate change to ocean health, human-wildlife conflict, and more. Earthwatch works with all sectors of society, from corporations to teachers, students, community leaders, zoos and aquaria, and more.