Did you know that this Saturday, October 26th, is National Make a Difference Day, this day happens on the fourth Saturday in October every year. This unofficial holiday is recognized by companies and people across the country as a way to look around to see where they can help in their own community. But where did this National Day start and what can you do to celebrate this great day?

What Is National Make a Difference Day?

National Make a Difference Day started back in 1992 when a newspaper company, USA Weekend (known today as USA Today), decided that because 1992 was a leap year, people across America could use the extra day to help support their communities, neighbors, and those in need. The first official Make a Difference Day received a huge outpouring of support and it has been an unofficial holiday in October ever since.

Each year more and more companies and people get involved to make a difference in their communities. Since National Make a Difference Day started, thousands of people have participated in this day every year in order to make a difference in other people’s lives!

What Can You Do to Celebrate National Make a Difference Day

Over the years National Make a Difference Day has impacted lives in both big and small ways through the kinds acts and service of others. From cleaning up trash in a local park to organizing relief efforts for victims of natural disasters or refugees. The sky’s the limit as far as what you can do on this day to help those around you.

If you are looking to join a project for National Make a Difference Day there are great resources to help you find local projects happening on October 26th. Don’t be afraid to participate in a big or small way, every act of service makes a difference. Whether you’re raking your neighbor’s leaves, going to a local shelter to serve a meal, or having a bake sale to raise money for a charity—the point of this day is to make a positive difference in someone else’s life.

How We Celebrate at Spring Power & Gas

At Spring Power & Gas we’re all about helping those around us and making a difference for our community and the planet. We work closely with amazing charities to help improve the lives of people everywhere. Find out how we’re making the world a cleaner place and make a difference this National Make a Difference Day.