Are you looking for ways to have an eco-friendly Valentine’s Day? We applaud you for making an effort to preserve our planet on a day of mass consumption and waste. If you and your Valentine are eco-conscious consumers, you’re probably already aware of the effect that this romantic holiday has on the environment. Countless rose bouquets are air-freighted from one side of the country to the other, there’s a mass production of polyester stuffed animals and nylon lingerie, and logger pollution and devastation increases as demand for paper cards with generic love poems skyrockets abruptly.

globe next to eco friendly valentines day hearts

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According to Reference, The Greeting Card Association estimates a whopping 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent and received annually in America. And that number only just begins to scratch the surface of how much paper is actually used in classroom valentines and other related paper products (which is exactly why we’ve provided ideas for eco-friendly Valentine’s Day cards in this post).

Suffice it to say, Valentine’s day is not a very eco-conscious holiday—but that doesn’t mean you have to contribute to the trash! Use these ideas to have a perfectly romantic and eco-friendly Valentine’s Day!

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

With this list of eco-friendly Valentines, you can give your significant other something they’ll truly love, while also making a positive impact on the environment! Not only will your Valentine enjoy the gift, but they’ll also appreciate the thoughtfulness you put forth to come up with eco-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas.

  • An eco-conscious gift box by Packed With Purpose
  • A house plant or indoor herb garden
  • A mix of flower seeds to attract honey bees
  • A reusable snack bag, a stainless steel water bottle, and reusable straws
  • An acre of rainforest from World Land Trust
  • Plantable heart-shaped eco-confetti

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Cards

Show your eco-conscious Valentine how much you care about them and the environment by pouring your heart into any of these fantastic eco-friendly Valentine’s cards!

  • Valentine’s cards made by hand with recycled materials by HappyDappyBits
  • Plantable Cards by Botanical PaperWorks, complete with romantic gardening puns and post-consumer materials
  • A sweet, customizable card made from 100% recycled materials by Paper Culture. This company claims to offset their carbon footprint by making sure a tree is planted for every order you place.

Don’t see anything you like? Skip the store-bought card and give your Valentine a sentimental message from the heart. Memorize and recite a poem, serenade your love with a song that you wrote, or simply express your feelings out loud instead of putting them into a card.

Eco-Friendly Valentine Crafts

Get the kiddos involved in your efforts to preserve the environment on this romantic holiday by having them make eco-friendly Valentine crafts for their friends and loved ones!

An easy heart garland made from fabric squares and yarn: Break out the spare fabric and yarn for this fun DIY Valentine’s craft. Cut the fabric into heart shapes and thread fabric through the top edges to string them together into a garland.

The “big kid” version of the heart garland using stiffened fabric: If your kids are older and more experienced in crafting, replicate this lovely garland using stiffened fabric and string.

A big button heart craft: Take a large piece of cardboard and cut it into the shape of a heart. Break out the paint, recycled craft paper, glue, and buttons and let your kids decorate their giant cardboard heart however they see fit.

Happy Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day!

We hope you have a lovely and eco-friendly Valentine’s Day! Your efforts may feel small, but remember: saving the environment always begins with the small changes of the individual. Learn more about Spring Power & Gas and how you can help create a more sustainable future today.