At Spring Power and Gas, we’re all about finding new and simple ways to reduce the environmental impact of the consumer and help contribute positively to a greener, cleaner world. With warm summer evenings quickly approaching, we thought the perfect topic would be all about having a more eco-friendly BBQ on the Fourth of July.

Because, let’s face it, while we all enjoy the smell of steaks on the grill, ice-cold lemonade, and the sound of fireworks lighting up the night sky, these summer holidays can wreak just as much havoc on the environment as holidays that are decked with plastic packaging, countless cards, and heaps of uneaten leftovers (looking your way, Santa).

But let’s be real: it’s not as if you can adorn your patio table with breakable dishware—let alone wash all of it once the fireworks have fizzled out and the friends have all gone home. So, we often choose the more practical route and grab a few packages of paper plates, a stack of napkins, red Solo cups, and plastic silverware. And rather than having everyone trudge through our house to dispose of their cups and plates, we hang an XL trash bag right outside for everyone to fill with plastic, paper, and packaging.

And where does that trash bag end up? Do you dare recycle it, with all of those half-eaten hamburgers and vegetables that people only grabbed from the veggie tray to be polite? Sadly, even if the paper plates are recycled, their creation and exportation are heavily taxing on the environment.

If this scenario is all too familiar and you’re feeling a tad bit guilty, don’t! We’ve all done it. What matters is that we change the habit of moving forward and do our holiday BBQs a little differently—starting from the plates up.

Enroll in our energy solutions and join us in shaping a cleaner, greener future. Make the sustainable choice for the environment today.

Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable Plates

It’s not always easy to find items that are truly biodegradable, so for your convenience, we’ve taken the liberty of providing you with a few easy recommendations. All of these products are the real deal and far less harmful on the environment than your traditional disposable dishware.

  • Green Paper Products’ Plant Fiber Plates are made from renewable unbleached plant fibers that are compostable.
  • Solo® Sugarcane Premium Strength Plates are compostable, made from renewable sugarcane.
  • VerTerra Reusable Dinnerware made from fallen palm leaves. These are eco-friendly and very stylish for your next small gathering.

Eco-Friendly Living

We wish you a fun and eco-friendly 4th of July! If you’re interested in finding more simple adjustments that you can make to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, check out our blog for all sorts of ideas for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

For more information on Spring Power and Gas, check out our Environmental Fund to learn about how we enable others to contribute to a cleaner, greener world. Switch to Spring Power and Gas today to make a big difference in your daily environmental impact.