Spring is arguably the ideal season for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The mild temperatures we experience this time of the year accompanied by the vibrant plants and flowers tend to make us want to spend as much time as possible outside. This is particularly true for those of us who live in regions where the weather can get extremely cold! From camping and hiking to dining al fresco and reading in the park, the possibilities are endless for connecting with Mother Nature all season long.

If you’re like us, being in nature and exploring the environment is one of life’s best (and free) pleasures. That’s why it’s important that we each play our part to protect the land we all cherish so much. So while you’re out exploring and enjoying everything that outdoors has to offer, be sure to remain conscious of the environmental footprint of your camping trips and other wilderness adventures.

Whether you’re heading into the woods and mountains to camp (or even setting up camp in your own backyard), many of us will be eating, sleeping, cooking, and adventuring outside as much as we can throughout the next few months. A lot of these activities require some equipment, so among the many things we can do to ensure we are exploring nature mindfully is choosing sustainable gear.

From eating/drinking utensils to clothing, backpacks, blankets, and tents, there are many sustainable options for all of your outdoor needs. Keep reading below for some of our favorite eco-friendly outdoor gear and utensils for all of your camping, hiking, kayaking (and so on) needs.

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1. Refillable water bottle 

We love the Klean Kanteen stainless steel water bottle. As a B Corp that’s considered a pioneer in the space, the company not only ensures that all of its products are made with eco-conscious materials but also contributes to organizations that are working to fight climate change. Klean Kanteen offers single and double-insulated wall options, all of which are made of 18/8 stainless steel and have a lifetime guarantee. These bottles are great for when you’re on the go because they will keep your liquids cold for 135 hours! Klean Kanteen’s bottles are competitively priced according to size, beginning at $15 for an 8 oz. bottle.

2. Sustainable outerwear 

This is a growing industry so there are plenty of different companies to choose from when shopping for great, eco-conscious outdoor clothing, but one of the most noteworthy brands is Patagonia. This business was started by surfers and climbers, so all of their products are reflective of a minimalist lifestyle. Patagonia prides itself on creating outerwear that isn’t just functional, but that is also repairable and most importantly, durable. The company strives to limit its ecological impact with products that last for generations or can be recycled so the materials in them remain in use, and by conducting its business in a manner that is environmentally responsible.

3.  Reusable and biodegradable eating utensils 

For exceptionally functional and sustainable silverware for your camping trips and picnics this spring then you should definitely check out Knork. They offer sustainable flatware for every lifestyle (but especially for the outdoor enthusiast lifestyle), including an eco-friendly sugarcane/bamboo option that’s lightweight and perfect for transporting while you’re out exploring nature.

4.  Earth-friendly backpack 

 If you plan on heading into the wilderness this spring, then you’ll need a great pack to carry all of your belongings while you’re trekking through nature. The Water Dog Hydration Backpack is a great eco-friendly option. It’s made from PVC-free and toxin-free recycled materials, and even comes with a BPA-free water bladder that you can fill throughout the day.

We hope that we have inspired you to have the smallest environmental impact possible during your outdoor endeavors. With this gear (or other, similar sustainable gear), you can rest assured that you’re doing what you can and remaining mindful of your eco-impact while you’re out enjoying Mother Nature this spring.

If you’re curious to explore other ways you can promote a greener planet, then be sure to check out the Spring Power & Gas blog.