There’s always that worn-out piece of furniture hanging out in the corner of your house, collecting dust. It’s old and an eyesore. Should you throw it away or keep it? Before you decide to throw it out, have you looked into how to repurpose furniture? Outdated items can be transformed into stylish and useful items around your home.

Repurpose Furniture to Create Greener Living Spaces

By repurposing furniture, not only will you be alleviating landfill waste, but you’ll also preserve natural resources. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), though 19.5% of furniture and furnishings were combusted for energy recovery in 2017, 80.2% of this product sector was landfilled. Thus, be sure to repurpose furniture by incorporating creative strategies with our guide below.

Old Chairs into a Bench
There’s nothing more irritating than having old chairs lying around. And does it drive you crazy to put out mismatched chairs when you have company over? The good news is that you can use mismatched chairs to create a unique bench that will be a great addition anywhere in your home.

You will need to sand and paint the chairs to ensure that they are the same height and color. Then, you can get some plywood, foam, and fabric to piece together the bench seat that you will lay across the chairs. This will create a unique bench with intricate backing that will turn heads.

Old Doors into a Headboard
If your room or cabinet doors have reached the end of their lives, you can repurpose these pieces of furniture to create a headboard for your bed. You can cut and paint them as needed to match the style of your bedroom or give it the edge it needs to add unique flavor to your space.

Bookcase into a Bar
If you have an antique bookcase, consider using it as a bar. Line up wine, liquor, and glasses in it, and it will surely delight your guests with its vintage and timeless style. You can even line up some of your favorite books at the very top shelf as decoration and something for your guests to look at in addition to the diverse array of drinks.

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Crib into a Shelf
Your baby may no longer be a baby, but that doesn’t mean you need to toss out the crib. Remove one of the side rails and insert it into the crib to form a shelf. You can also cover the top with glass or wood and accessorize it with your favorite souvenirs.

Various Pieces into Coffee Tables
There are several old pieces you can use to create timeless coffee tables.

  • Using an old chest/trunk – An old chest/trunk makes for a great vintage coffee table in your living room. Better yet, it offers storage space! You can use the chest as is or lift it off the ground by attaching it to extra legs.
  • Using old chair legs – Instead of tossing out old legs, use these as the legs for a new coffee table. Attach them to a nice wooden or glass top.
  • Using doors – You can use an old door and transform it into a coffee table. The large size is perfect for families, and you don’t need to feel guilty over scratch and scuff marks—these will only add to the vintage style!

Old Sewing Machine Table into a Bar
If you have an old sewing table in your house, you can turn it into a fun and unique food and beverage station that will be perfect for those summer outdoor parties. By sawing in a bigger opening where the sewing machine was intended to be positioned, you can add in a food pan which will serve as a great place to hold chilled sodas, beers, and waters.

Moreover, you can install a hand towel holder and bottle opener to add on the final touches. If you’re not a fan of the table color, you can always paint over it with a nice hue that will mesh well with the warm season.

In addition to its green benefits, repurposing furniture can be a fun, creative project to do on the weekends and a great way to add some vintage flair to your living space. What are some pieces around your home that you can repurpose?

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